Bitcoin Surges as US Dollar Weakens, SVB Crisis Sparks Fear

14. March 2023 By admin Off

• Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen modest increases in value, with BTC surpassing $20,000 and ETH reaching the $1,400 mark.
• The weaker US dollar has been a critical driver behind the recent surge in the cryptocurrency market.
• Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been hit hard by a liquidity crisis, raising fears of contagion in financial markets.

Increase in Crypto Value

Bitcoin and Ethereum both saw a modest rise in value on Sunday, with BTC surpassing $20,000 and ETH reaching the $1,400 mark. This increase is likely due to the decline of the US dollar resulting from February’s labor statistics showing slower wage growth. Additionally, the adoption of Ordinal, a Layer 2 solution which enables fast and inexpensive transactions on the Bitcoin network, could further boost BTC’s price if it continues to gain popularity.

Weaker US Dollar Boosts Crypto Market

The global cryptocurrency market has seen significant losses over the past week but this decline began to slow down as the US dollar weakened. February’s labor data indicated slower wage growth and increased unemployment rates which prompted speculation that the Federal Reserve would keep its interest rate hikes modest – reducing the appeal of USD while potentially leading to greater efficiency for Bitcoin miners.

Silicon Valley Bank’s Liquidity Crisis

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a major financial institution catering to venture capital firms, has been hit hard by a liquidity crisis sparking fears of contagion across financial markets and concern over its potential impact on global economics.

Impact on Bitcoin Price

It remains uncertain how these events will affect Bitcoin prices in particular as regulatory concerns remain high and market volatility persists. However if Ordinal continues to gain traction it could reduce load on the network while increasing adoption of Bitcoin – ultimately resulting in greater profitability for miners which could help boost BTC’s price even further.


The global cryptocurrency market saw significant losses last week but this decline is slowing down as investors turn away from USD due to reduced inflationary pressures stemming from February’s employment figures indicating slower wage growth than expected. Meanwhile Silicon Valley Bank’s recent liquidity crisis is causing fear over potential contagion across financial markets while Ordinal’s growing popularity may lead to faster transaction times for Bitcoin users and increased profitability for miners – boosting BTC prices even higher if all goes according to plan.