With the beginning of 2012 a process of restructuring began. With September 2012 the collaboration with Hotel Kolping was terminated by mutual consent, and since then Pixel Hotel Association attracts more back from the operational management and strengthened its activities in those areas in which we operate as professional architects anyway.
As structural makers, experienced urban and rural developers, we now operate as an umbrella brand Pixel Hotel, and expand our scope by giving dedicated "Pixler" our confidence. If  there are new location-opportunities which appear to us as realizable; we invest more in the work with owners, but to invest in rent dependence.


Under the slogan "the whole city, the whole area is the hotel" we want to put the project Pixel Hotel also available to those people who wish to carry with us the idea in other places, in new locations.
Under this premise we are working on the opening of new "Pixels".