2006 – 2009

Pixel Hotel is a cultural enterprise established in 2006 in Linz with the aim of giving guests direct experience of unusual accommodation with certain peculiarities. The Pixel Hotel originates from a concept made by A.ORT.A (Architecture. Place. Analysis - a group of young architects and designers in Linz) an association of young architects and designers in Linz. As an initiative that attempts to generate new ideas in the study of the urban landscape, Pixel Hotel focused, in particular, on urban renewal (the Verein zur Reurbanisierung und Stadtreparatur).


Pixel Hotel was one of the leading projects for Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture. Since 2006 it  continuously expands and operates.
In these years Pixel Hotel Association investigated numerous  empty  and  unused  spaces  across the city of Linz for suitable pixel locations – from vacant retail spaces, lofts and workshops, industrial hangars, business premises, council housing, to galleries and public spaces. The task to select between these options was difficult as every unused space in the city had potential and a story to tell. It was ultimately through word of mouth and fortuitous accidents that six locations of the Pixel Hotel came to be realized.


During  and after 2009 the number of media reports were enormous, the project has received several awards. Pixel Hotel e.g. won the award for "radical innovation in hospitality" 2009 in Miami, or was voted of Geo Saison in the category "Exceptional" one of the 100 best hotels. This overwhelming response, the still strong demand from guests, and not least the continued belief in the success of the hotel concept prompted us to continue the project after the “Capital of Culture” year.