Pixel in the Courtyard - Linz

Pixel im Hof - Linz


was one of the most published images of the cultural capital 2009 in Linz. It was located in the heart of downtown Linz, in a narrow little lane named Marienstraße: hidden amongst the storefronts leaded a narrow passageway to the Pixel in the courtyard.


What long ago was a cabinetmaker’s workshop that has since been occupied by a wide array of tenants (including a mender of pots & pans) and developed to a spacious, 90-m2 hotel room.  The pixel maintains the historical industrial character of the place in the rooms which are 2.2m (7’-2”) in height, with original mastic-asphalt floor, minimal furniture, and a walk-in closet built into the former  industrial-freight  elevator.  The  transformation  also adds a specific expression to the pixel – that of the mobility that marked the post-war years in Europe.


To give historical  and  artistic  expression  to  this  theme,  a  60s-vintage  camping  trailer  is  placed  in the pixel, to serve as an adjunct living room that provides additional beds when needed. The trailer and the open space around it thus transform the room into an experi-ence of industrialization and the mobility it engendered.