Pixel in the Gallery – Linz

Pixel in der Galerie -  not available anymore


Pixel in der Galerie was a temporary transformation of a preexisting art gallery which has been converted into a hotel room for the year 2009, and was reverted back to its original function in early 2010. But even as a hotel room, the pixel was designed to give the experience of living in an art gallery. The walls displayed paintings and photographs by Thomas Feichtner,  the  gallery  owner  and  artist,  as  they  would had  when functioned as a gallery. In addition, the furniture was designed to be used not simply as functional fixtures but to be appreciated as artwork.


The Schlafmöbel (sleep furniture) in particular was such a sculptural statement that combined both art and habitat. In one sense this pixel was adaptation at its minimum, it made a conceptual statement about living with rather than simply looking at art (in this case, literally sleeping in it).


Most of the furniture  is now part of the Museum of Modern Art´s collection in Vienna. On the down side this meant the end for this extravagant pixel location. On the up-side we are happy for having had the opportunity to occupy this particular space during 2009. Temporary adaptive reuse of void spaces is, after all, an important part of Pixel Hotel´s concept.


We have created a little farewell-video