Pixel Hotel is a cultural enterprise established in 2006 in Linz with the aim of giving guests direct experience of unusual accommodation with certain peculiarities.


We, Pixel Hotel Association, are involved in the innovative development of space in order to increase the value of unused urban ore rural potentials by making them perceptible to our guests. As a cultural project, we provide out-of-the-ordinary spatial experiences for people who want to know more about their surrounding, who love watching things a bit slower and a bit closer. As an accommodation project, we have already become an internationally recognised brand that is cited as an example of innovative tourism and we are still following up new developments for Pixel Hotel …



Pixelhotel booking

Pixel Hotel invites you to spend your stay in a “not-everyday accommodation”—providing a very unconventional sort of lodging.


A Pixel is the smallest unit of the Hotel. These individual rooms and suites are dispersed throughout a whole city or a swath of land. Here, a room’s situated in an old storefront; there, in a historic city tower or it’s in a former workshop set on a backstreet courtyard or on a ship Breakfast is served in one of the cafés located nearby.


Same goes for lunch and dinner: you’re invited to take the city map and discover the culinary pleasures the surrounding has to offer. —after all, every part of a city, a village or the landscape itself has its stories to tell and the Pixel Hotel let you experience them right up close.